Summit Forum on "Chinese Style and China’s Position in Philosophical Studies" Held Successfully at Guizhou University
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On the afternoon of July 10, the summit forum on "Chinese Style and China’s Position in Philosophical Studies", hosted by the College of Philosophy and Social Development and co-organized by the School of Graduate and Institute of Philosophy and Social Sciences, was held at the Academy of Chinese Culture at Guizhou University. Professor Li Jianjun and Luo Changjiang, secretary and deputy secretary of the university’s CPC Committee respectively, attended the forum. Other participants included more than 150 teachers and students from the university and other institutes. Professor Chen Yanbo, dean of the College of Philosophy and Social Development, presided over the forum.

At the forum, a great number of renowned professors made keynote speeches, including Hao Lixin of Renmin University of China, Sun Zhouxing of Tongji University, Wang Xinyan of Wuhan University, He Lai of Jilin University, Gai Jianmin of Sichuan University, Chen Fan of Northeastern University, Liu Chengji of Beijing Normal University, Zhang Xueli of Guizhou Academy of Social Sciences, and Qi Si of Northwest University of Political Science and Law. Thirteen speakers were professors from Guizhou University including Li Jianjun, Zhang Lianshun, and Zhang Ke. Professor Wu Xiaoming of Fudan University and professor Yang Haifeng of Peking University presented their speech via video link.

The scholars covered a wide range of topics including the sinicization of philosophy and the new form of human civilization, the construction of a philosophical discourse system with Chinese characteristics, how philosophy should adhere to the Chinese position and embody Chinese style in responding to Chinese and contemporary issues,  the implication of entrepreneurship and innovation in the sinicization of Marxism and traditional Chinese culture, the locality of philosophy and the Chineseness of philosophy, the process and experience of China's modernization, the dialectical relationship between China’s position of philosophy and universal position, the self-assertion and original research of Chinese academics, and the research of Chinese philosophy in the future.

The participants spoke highly of the forum and the keynote speakers, remarking that it shed light on them with thought-provoking and inspiring information, which gave them a deeper understanding of the subject matters.  

Text/Photo: College of Philosophy and Social Development 

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