Guizhou University Holds a Meeting for the Project Team on Tourism Industrialization
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On the morning of July 6, a meeting was held for the project team to promote tourism industrialization in Conference Room 202 of Xianzheng Building on the West Campus of Guizhou University. The university’s CPC Secretary Li Jianjun, Vice President Yang Song, and coordinators from relevant departments and colleges attended the meeting. Yang Song presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, colleges from Philosophy and Social Sciences, Tourism and Culture Industry, History and Ethnic Culture, Management, and Fine Arts presented reports on the following: progress made in promoting tourism industrialization, integration of culture and tourism, online e-commerce sales of tourism products, and design of tourism products and small tourism commodities, as well as next phase plans for the project.

Following the briefing, participants exchanged ideas on project application, student exchanges, discipline construction, social service capabilities, and the quality of research reports. Additionally, they discussed the following: (a) engaging in demonstration pilot projects for the revitalization of pastoral villages while integrating related technologies into university disciplines via projects; (b) driving Guizhou University to play a more strategic role in various fields to empower the overall capacity of our provincial capital; (c) showcasing further cooperation between universities and local regions through research on think tanks and the development of tourism culture; (d) carrying out systematic research; (e) evaluating, tracking, and monitoring consumption index provided by theBlue Book of Chinese Tourism Economics; and (f) further integrating resources and conducting technological research on regional ethnic culture and CPC heritage.

In his remark, Yang Song underscored the importance of the tourism industry and raised the following four suggestions: (a) give priority to making systematic tourism plans at every provincial level by tapping into the potential of conventional products, adding value to a new product with particular concepts, and integrating priority areas; (b) combine culture and tourism and focus on ethnic minorities’ unique lifestyle and their festival celebrations; (c) take advantage of multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary strengths in personnel training and enhance overall professional skills; and (d) upgrade big data analysis in tourism to provide comprehensive information for the overall planning and refined management of tourism industry.

Lastly, Li Jianjun made a speech. He pointed out that tourism has become a super industry that requires systematic efforts. Guizhou University should fully take advantage of its merits and contribute to its progress by integrating multiple disciplines. He suggested to relevant departments the following: (a) take the initiative, make the most of the resources, start with high-level standards via the pattern of "producing, learning and researching"; implement the policies on the tourism industry in a firm, flexible, and scientific way, in the meantime, protect the ethnic culture while drawing on its essence; (b) focus on creative and unique tourism products, combine the tradition of tourism crafts and modernity, and develop cultural products to promote local culture and values; and (c) ensure the research findings in each discipline in connection with fundamental issues of the provincial CPC Committee and the government, to cater to the needs of the local people, and to boost the tourism industry based on the cultural characteristics in Guizhou Province.

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