Education in Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Provided at Guizhou University for a Second Time
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On June 9, the activity titled "Promoting Education in Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs in Colleges and Universities" was held at Guizhou University. Ambassador Luo Linquan, Vice President of China Public Diplomacy Association, Counselor Liu Wei of the Policy Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Li Xiaomei, Special Representative for Human Rights Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gave phenomenal lectures on diplomacy to teachers and students on the West Campus.

More than two hundred people attended the meeting, including Dong Guangli, Counselor of the Foreign Affairs Administration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Jiang Hong, member of the CPC Group of the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and full-time vice president of the Guizhou People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries; Cen Peng, Second-level Inspector of the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office; and academician and vice president Zhou Shaoqi of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences. Key personnel from Guizhou University were the academician and president Song Bao’an, Vice President Chen Xiangsheng, and coordinators from relevant departments in charge of foreign affairs in their colleges, and some teachers and students.

First of all, Song Bao’an extended a warm welcome to the delegation on behalf of the university. He noted Guizhou University has seen the coordinated global and regional development as one of its core strategies for the university and thus fostered some distinctively unique strengths in running the university. In recent years, the university has been an active player in various international activities which involved a considerable number of overseas human resources. As the university is advancing to become a world-class university under the Double First-Class initiative, it has put great efforts into developing world-class disciplines that exert global influences. Additionally, it has fostered a world-class international team of talented minds and established a global talent training system. Undoubtedly, this lecture served the purpose promptly because it provided a valuable opportunity for teachers and students to understand the most updated knowledge of diplomacy and foreign affairs, which would expand their global vision. 

During the lecture, Counselor Liu Wei presented a talk on the international situation and diplomacy of superpowers and the histories of the Party, New China, the reform and opening-up, and the development of socialism. He pointed out the superiority of China's system by comparing the developmental status of various countries and demonstrated China's role as a superpower on the global stage through actual cases. Special guest speaker Li Xiaomei talked about the working languages of the United Nations and presented a report titled "China's Participation in the UN Affairs Following the resumption of China's lawful seat in the United Nations.” Ambassador Luo Linquan reported on "Foreign Affairs Etiquette and Real-life Experience of Diplomacy," taking his personal experience in a diplomatic career as an example, explaining diplomatic etiquette in both pictures and texts.

Following the inspiring report that won rounds of applause from the audience, students asked questions about Sino-US relations and how to create a positive image of China in the global arena, and three senior diplomats answered them one by one.

Jiang Hong made a final speech, concluding that the foreign affairs work in Guizhou should focus on the economic and social development of Guizhou and the overall situation of national diplomacy. She noted that Guizhou University, a century-old university with excellent achievements, has a deep root in CPC culture. This lecture offers a living lesson for faculty and students to learn systematically certain diplomatic and foreign affairs matters which are closely in line with Xi Jinping's diplomacy principles. She hoped that everyone will put great efforts into improving professionalism, fostering patriotism, and staying well-informed of the diplomatic policies. In addition, it would be most exhilarating for them to tell the story of Guizhou's development to make China's voice heard in the course of China's national rejuvenation and ultimately contribute to the overall development of China.

This event came as Counselor Li Fan from the Policy Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave a well-received lecture on the same subject matter last November. It is an innovative approach taken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to deal with domestic issues, hoping to empower universities to go global. Most importantly, faculty members and students will gain a better understanding of the diplomatic policies and how China handles its international relations under CPC leadership.

Text: Zhang Chan (Xishan Integrated Media Center); Zhao Xuan (Intern Reporter)

Photography: Li Baifeng (Xishan Integrated Media Center)

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