Guizhou University Wins First Place in the Fourth National College Psychological Situation Drama Contest
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On May 28, the finals for the 4th National College Psychological Situation Drama Contest were held at Guangxi University, in Nanning, Guangxi. The psychological sitcom "Shadow" from Guizhou University won the first prize, ranking number one among all other contestants. Huang Yongwen, majoring in performance since 2019, won the award for best actor for his outstanding performance.  

The contestants arrived from a total of 323 colleges and universities from across the country, including Central South University, Chongqing University, and Communication University of Zhejiang. After intense online-video preliminaries, only 44 colleges and universities entered the finals. The drama was jointly created by the Department of Student Affairs of the CPC Committee, Center for Counseling and Psychological Services, College of Music, and Yangming College. This award demonstrates that Guizhou University has made tremendous strides in fostering students who are holistically healthy and mentally sound. At the same time, it also indicates that the university has made a great breakthrough by clearly becoming a competitive participant in this type of contest.

Text/Photography: Center for Counseling and Psychological Services at GZU

Editor: Chen Siyu

Editor in Charge: Zhang Chan

Senior Editor: Wen Yang

Translator: Li Xiaorong

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