Special Demonstration Training Course on Guizhou's Ecological Civilization and Green Economy Launched at Guizhou University
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On the morning of April 19, the opening ceremony of a special demonstration training course on Guizhou’s ecological civilization and green economy kicked off at Guizhou University (GZU). The event, hosted by the Organization Department of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee and organized by the EDP Education Center of the university, was held at the College of Management lecture hall on the East Campus. Li Ye, dean of the College of Management, presided over the ceremony. Altogether, over 50 people joined the event, including Linghu Caitao, deputy secretary of the GZU CPC Committee; Gao Feng, director of the Education Department of the CPC Member Education Center of the Guizhou Provincial CPC Committee Organization Department; GZU coordinators from the Department of Organization, Department of Publicity, College of Management, and EDP Education Center; as well as trainee representatives from other regions across the province.  

The opening ceremony kicks off with a solemn recitation of the national anthem.

Linhu Caitao first extended a warm welcome to leaders, guests, and trainees, and then gave a brief introduction on the university’s current situation and explained the goals and role of the EDP Education Center. On a further note, she stressed that an ecological civilization is an indispensable indicator that can help China realize its “Two Centenary” goals and achieving a healthy and prosperous society in all respects. This endeavor is closely related to the overall well-being of the people and the nation. Furthermore, Linhu revealed the objectives of the demo course, which includes: (a) exploring an effective pathway to economic transformations; (b) forming a new method of modernization while increasing harmony between humans and nature; and (c) making greater efforts to realize high-quality economic growth. As the course is both specifically designed and extraordinarily practical, she hopes all the trainees will begin applying what they have learned from the training soon after the program is over.


In his speech, Gao Feng noted that this training program is necessary to overcome any new situations and tasks that may appear during the 14th Five-Year Plan. This means that everyone concerned should take General Secretary Xi Jinping's earnest entrustment to heart and give their utmost in promoting a comprehensive green transformation in societal and economic development. The trainees are expected to observe rules and regulations of the university during the training program. Gao suggested they should stay committed and engaged throughout the course, and hopefully make good use of what they have learned in their future work.  


Zhou Mingyong, member of the CPC Leadership Group and deputy mayor of the People's Government of Yuqing county of Zunyi city, delivered a speech on behalf of the trainees. He suggested that all the trainees should do the following: (a) seize this precious opportunity to study in a most earnest fashion; (b) abide by the rules and regulations of the school; (c) show respect for both professors and fellow trainees; and (d) act as a trail blazer for high-quality economic development across Guizhou province.  


During the university’s school song, GZU leaders present Guizhou University school badges to the student representatives.


   Du Guomo, director of the Land-Space Ecological Restoration Division of the Provincial Natural Resources Department, serving as the class monitor of the program, joins other trainees in an oath, expressing their commitment to follow requirements of the program, work diligently in their studies, cherish this opportunity, and apply what they learn to their own life and work.


The current training program is mainly offered to persons in charge of the governmental bodies or institutions. During the session, the trainees will exchange new ideas and explore various strategies to build an ecological civilization through green development to meet the needs of this new era. In order to bring Guizhou into a new phase of eco-friendly development, they are expected to give attention to new trends, understand national policies, and discuss feasible approaches. They will learn from renowned and experienced experts from across the province through case-based discussions during a six-day course, from the 19th through 24th of April.


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