Key Laboratory of Intelligent Technology of Power Systems in Guizhou Province
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The “Key Laboratory of Intelligent Technology of Power Systems in Guizhou Province” was approved by the Science and Technology Department of Guizhou Province in July 2010. It was built by Guizhou University, and then approved and officially accepted in January 2015. During the construction process, positive assistance was given by Guizhou Power Grid Co. Ltd. The Laboratory is enterprising and pioneering, with particular emphasis on the frontiers of disciplines. Its study closely relates to the local economic construction. Great achievements have been made in Laboratory platform construction, scientific research and its application, team building, opening and exchanging, and operations and management.

There are 34 staff members in the laboratory. Seventeen of them have senior professional titles, three are outstanding young scientific and technological talents in Guizhou province, one is a young talent in Guizhou province, and 13 hold doctoral degrees. In recent years, the Laboratory has paid special attention to the frontiers of disciplines, and strengthened the cooperation with Guizhou Power Grid Corporation to serve the local economy. Since its establishment, more than 200 scientific research projects have been undertaken, including 12 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, more than 30 provincial projects, and over 150 projects with other organizations or corporations. The total funding for the projects exceeds 70 million yuan. The Laboratory has won six provincial and ministerial scientific research awards, seven Guizhou Power Grid Science and Technology Awards, 10 national patents, and one patent license transfer project approved by the State Intellectual Property Office. It has published more than 100 scientific research papers. Over 50 papers have been collected by SCI and EI. Based on the laboratory, more than 150 masters have been trained, and four in-service postgraduate classes (a total of 120 students) opened for Guizhou power industry. Three technical experts have been jointly cultivated for Guizhou Power Grid Corporation.

 The Laboratory’s primary research focuses include: smart grid security technology and its application, theory and technology of intelligent transmission and distribution and its application, smart grid energy efficient utilization technology and its application, as well as smart grid intelligent terminal technology and its application.

The overall goal of the Laboratory is, together with Guizhou University and Guizhou Power Grid Corporation, to build an important base for scientific research, experimental innovation and personnel training, as well as working on the key issues of intelligent technology of power system. Its study in some areas, such as the theoretical research and development in the intelligent technology of power system, and power safety technology, has reached the international advanced level.