Guizhou Key Laboratory of Medicinal Plant Breeding and Planting
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Guizhou Province Key Laboratory of Medicinal Plant Breeding and Planting (Guizhou Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Breeding and Planting Engineering Laboratory) was approved by the Science and Technology Department of Guizhou Province and Guizhou Provincial Development and Reform Commission in 2010. It was established as a provincial key laboratory based at Guizhou University. It aims to study and solve key, major and common scientific and technological problems in and to conduct a demonstrative application of achievements in the protection and evaluation of Chinese herbal medicine resources in Guizhou Province, the seed breeding and ecoly-high qualified production of Chinese herbal medicines, the quality safety and traceability system of Chinese herbal medicines, and the comprehensive development and utilization of Chinese herbal medicines. The Laboratory provides technical supports for the sustainable utilization of Chinese herbal medicine resources in Guizhou Province, and the sustainable development of modern Chinese medicine agriculture and the health industry of Chinese medicine.

The Laboratory involves four research directions:

Medicinal Plant Breeding and Standardized Planting

Research and Utilization of Germplasm Resources of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines

Physiology and Biochemistry and Quality Control of Medicinal Plants

Biotechnology Application of Medicinal Plants

There are 8 sub-laboratories:

Germplasm Resources

Seeds and Seedling

Physiology and Biochemistry

Cultivation and Processing


Quality Control

Pest Control

Information Services of Traditional Chinese Medicines

Consisting of several experimental bases, it is an institute of scientific research, technology development, personnel training and social services.  There are 45 full-or part-time researchers in the Laboratory, including five doctoral supervisors, and eighteen masters supervisors. There are 15 professors, 18 associate professors and 12 lecturers. Among all the researchers, 25 are doctorate holders and 16 hold master's degree. The average age of the research team is 37. The Laboratory has a research and innovation team for the protection and sustainable utilization of Chinese herbal medicine resources in Guizhou Province (Guizhou Provincial Science and Technology Department, 2011), and Guizhou Province Medicinal Plant Breeding and Planting Professionals Base (Organization Department of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, 2013).

At present, the Laboratory is equipped with large precision instruments and equipment such as Agilent 1260 liquid chromatograph, Agilent 7890 A gas chromatograph, Waters e2695, Optima 8000 inductively coupled plasma spectrometer, Agilent preparative liquid chromatograph, LI-6400 portable photosynthetic apparatus, and real-time PCR instrument. The Laboratory undertakes doctoral and master's training tasks related to medicinal plants, and is open to undergraduate students' innovative experimental projects and SRT programs, involving specialized botany, physiology, genetics, crop cultivation and farming, biochemistry and molecular biology, developmental biology, and cell biology.