Reliability Engineering Research Center of Guizhou Province
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The Reliability Engineering Research Center of Guizhou Province, approved by the Guizhou Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Guizhou University on January 16, 2006, is a research unit focused on reliability tests of products, reliability technology services, corporate training services, as well as reliability data provision and inquiry. The center is affiliated to the College of Mathematics and Statistics of Guizhou University. Under the leadership of Zhao Ming and Xu Furong, who are both doctoral supervisors from Guizhou University, the center has established a reliability research team based at Guizhou University and the resources of all parties. Professor Ming Zhao has long been engaged in the application and theoretical research of reliability engineering, and has made remarkable achievements. He is one of the first prize winners of the National Science and Technology Progress Award and one of the makers of the national standards for communication cable reliability. The researcher Furong Xu is the chief technical expert of the 14th Institute of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, and the head of the reliability expert panel of the institute. The center has 10 technical core experts, and has trained 21 masters students and two doctoral students in software reliability. The Center has completed more than 30 National Natural Science Foundations projects and provincial and ministerial projects, including the “Research on Comprehensive Evaluation Method of Software Reliability and Safety” and “The Accelerated Life Test Method and its Application on Electronic Product Storage Period Evaluation.”