Guizhou Electromechanical Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center
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The Guizhou Electromechanical Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center (the Center) is a provincial-level scientific and technological research institute affiliated with the College of Mechanical Engineering of Guizhou University and was approved by the Guizhou Science and Technology Department in 2004. The goal of the Center is to take the lead in electromechanical equipment technology in Guizhou by enhancing its capability and upgrading its technological level and enable certain key technologies to match the domestic level of the same sort. The Center boasts a team of highly-qualified and innovative staff members. As exceedingly excellent, internationally recognized academic researchers, some faculty members have acted as trail-blazers in a wide range of areas such as mechanics, electronics, big data, automation, computer, and information communication. Currently, the Center has 28 engineering and technical personnel, including 12 professors, three research fellows and 16 doctorate degree holders.

The Center has a wide array of experimental institutes, including:

the Laboratory for Material Forming

the Laboratory for Manufacturing Process Control and Testing

the Laboratory for Rapid Prototyping, the Laboratory for CNC Machining

the Laboratory for Special Processing Technology

the Laboratory for Electromechanical Transmission and Control

the Laboratory for Material Properties

the Laboratory for CAD/CAE/CAM

The Center is also equipped with all sorts of advanced machines and systems, including:

a Precision 3D Laser Scanner

CNC Machining Center

CNC DNC system

MPS Modular Production System

Automobile Chassis Dynamometer

Eddy Current Engine Steady Status Dynamometer

Cardiopulmonary Function Test System

Sports ECG Systems

These facilities and equipment are able to carry out a wide variety of tasks such as product design, conducting research, and running tests. After years of hard work, the Center has been molded into an experimental institute equipped with advanced software and hardware, reaching the same level as other laboratories with in China and throughout the world.

Building on strengths of its past research, the Center has been conducting research in a distinctive way. It has thus created a great deal of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights; the technology transfer of them have also been put in place. In recent years, the Center together with its supporting institute, the College of Mechanical Engineering of Guizhou University, have undertaken over 150 projects at various levels. In the realm of electromechanical equipment manufacturing, the Center has been awarded for a series of scientific research achievements including: two provincial and ministerial awards, over 100 patents for invention, over 70 technology transfers related to research projects, and over 50 papers published, including three monographs/tutorials. The Center is geared towards enhancing its capabilities for further development and offering top-notch skills in equipment manufacturing. The Center has actively engaged in different projects such as large cotton-picking equipment and ultra-high-pressure high-strength porcelain insulator production line. These state-funded projects best showcase the industry’s leading technologies including: “All-Terrain Vehicles,” “Cotton Pickers,” “Pumping Machines,” "Multi-Standard Integrating Sorting Machine," “Assembling Machine for Tunnel Arch Centering," "Baking Equipment for Special Agricultural Products," and "Engineering Vehicle for Emergency Rescue and Removing Obstacles."

In recent years, the Center has actively volunteered their services for the local communities, promoting scientific and technological innovation in Guizhou Province. The public services provided by the Center include:

(1) tackling major technical problems in the industries or the regions to meet the needs in Guizhou's economic development and also its markets by drawing on innovative and technological achievements to keep making new innovative products; developing new techniques and conduct engineering research to provide technologies, equipment, and new products for Guizhou's industrialization.

(2) providing a wider range of services; taking on tasks in engineering technology research, design, testing and related services entrusted by the governmental sectors, enterprises, higher institutions or research institutions in Guizhou; providing consulting on feasibility of new products.

(3) providing technical support for Guizhou's industrial improvement by bringing in new technologies and equipment while learning how to apply them in an innovative fashion.

(4) providing qualified personnel for the industries and enterprises in Guizhou by training high-level engineering and technical professionals and management talents.

(5) promoting technological development in the industry and related fields by engaging in collaborative exchanges with institutions at home and abroad, participating in standard-setting projects, and providing business and industry information.