National Composite Modified Polymer Materials Engineering Technology Center
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In May 2012,  the "Decision of Guizhou Provincial Committee of CPC and the People's Government of Guizhou Province on Strengthening Science and Technology Innovation to Promote Better and Faster Development of the Economy and Society (File NO. 27 [2011] GPPC) gave priority to the building of ten industrial technology research institutes in material, metallurgy, equipment manufacturing, medicine, integrated use of natural resources, etc. The Provincial Editorial Board Office then approved of forming the "Guizhou Material Industry Technology Research Institute" on the basis of the Guizhou (National) Composite Modified Polymer Materials Engineering Technology Research Center. The management system of “three centers and one working group” is implemented with “National Composite Modified Polymer Materials Engineering Technology Research Center” and “Guizhou Province Composite Modified Polymer Materials Engineering Technology Research Center.” The purpose and business scope of the Institute is:

“Carrying out materials science and engineering research, enhancing the ability of innovation and achievements transformation to serve the economic construction of Guizhou. Launching technical research and technical integration for key, basic and common technical problems in the field of materials; undertaking the formulation of relevant technical standards entrusted by relevant departments, product quality control, technical supervision, quality inspection and analysis; developing transformation, radiation and promotion of technical achievements; carrying out education and training of engineering and technical personnel and graduate students.”

As the main body of Guizhou Material Industry Technology Research Institute, the National Composite Modified Polymer Materials Engineering Technology Center is the national engineering technology research center established by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2005, and the first national engineering technology research center in Guizhou Province.  By combining the Guizhou Academy of Sciences, Guizhou University and Zhejiang University, and based on a cooperative and co-construction model, the "Engineering Center" develops its three main functions of rallying talents for technology research and development integration, promoting industrialization by achievements transformation, and providing public technical services for the industry. It is a new platform integrating scientific research, achievements transformation and talent training in the field of new materials.

The Development orientation is to rally high-level talents, cultivate and strengthen technical teams, research and develop, introduce, absorb and integrate composite modified polymer materials and related technical achievements to form technology clusters; to incubate packaged engineering technical achievements, pilot test packaged technology and experiment with industrial demonstration; and to establish a quality assurance and monitoring system to serve relevant industries.

R&D layout of the Institute is aiming at the international frontier, facing the national needs, and serving the development of Guizhou for unified deployment. Focusing on the needs of industrial restructuring and industrial technological advancement, in accordance with the key directions and priority support areas of the “Four Integrations” and “Six Strategic Emerging Industries” of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, the existing polymer materials and engineering fields extends to the field of new functional materials to form a new and systematic development layout.

First is high-performance function modification of general-purpose polymer materials. By further refining scientific and technological goals and combining regional industrial development needs, this institute continuously develops new material technologies, which serve as the foundation of new energy and manufacturing. The key R&D directions include high-performance rubber elastomers preparation technology, high performance polyolefin composite material preparation technology, reactive extrusion technology, new phosphorus flame retardant synthesis and large-scale manufacturing technology, new flame retardant compounding additive package technology, high performance fiber reinforced polymer composite material manufacturing technology, coal-to- chemical polymer greening technology, and high-value preparation technology.

Second is special microstructured polymer materials and advanced equipment. We develop polymer microporous structural materials preparation technology to meet the application needs of reduction and lightweight. Key products of polymer reverse osmosis membranes, nano-filtration membrane, ultrafiltration membrane and its components are developed for the application needs of water treatment and other fields and for promotion of industrialization. Key technologies include micropore's size, shape, and distribution control engineering technology of microporous foamed polymer materials and thermosetting materials, new microcellular foam molding equipment, polymer film materials and component preparation technology.

Third is new functional material. Taking advantage of Guizhou’s phosphorus, manganese and fluorine resources, aiming at major application prospects and original research directions, we carry out a series of innovative new functional material preparation, design and application research, and make breakthroughs in relevant key technologies. We also use new functional materials and technologies to achieve innovation in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the development of western resources. Our emphasis is on building a battery development industry chain led by lithium-ion batteries and based on electronic information materials. Key deployment: industrial preparation technology for positive and negative electrode materials of lithium ion batteries, polymer lithium ion battery separators, and polymer lithium ion battery electrolytes.

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