Institute of Engineering Investigation and Design
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The Institute of Engineering Investigation and Design was founded in 1981. Its predecessors include the Institute of Engineering Investigation and Design of Guizhou Institute of Technology (1981-1996) and the Institute of Engineering Investigation and Design of Guizhou University of Technology (1996-2004). As a qualified independent legal entity, the Institute serves as a platform for professional teachers of all of Guizhou University’s colleges to fulfill their potential and as a place for senior students to serve in internships. Currently, the Institute has the following qualifications in engineering design: certified grade-A architecture engineering and construction design, grade-B urban planning, grade-B land planning, grade-B geological investigation, grade-B mineral exploration, grade-B electric power design, grade-B coal mine design, grade-B landscape architecture, and national grade-C engineering consultation. Its core business lies in engineering investigation and design. Currently, the Institute has more than 160 faculty members, including one academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Over 50 members of the faculty have achieved the following certificates: national first-class registered architects, first-class registered structural engineer, registered geotechnical engineer, registered urban planner, registered equipment engineers, cost engineers and national-level registered engineer in other professions. The faculty has more than 100 senior and middle-level technicians. 20% of our staff have master’s degrees and the rest have bachelor’s degrees. The Institute’s distinctive features are its scientific research capabilities, immense study atmosphere, and the endless pursuit of innovation.

The Institute has a strong technical team and advanced technological equipment. Supported by strong academic teams from the various colleges affiliated with Guizhou University and with a complete set of disciplines and a top-ranking academic level, the Institute integrates production and scientific research with teaching, to focus on the application of frontier study into engineering practice. As a comprehensive organization with seven functional departments and 16 production departments, the Institute has created a large amount of design projects and completed many investigations in civil engineering projects, especially in educational, cultural, sports, medical, commercial, and residential buildings. Through many years of practice and study, the scientific research and design team of the Institute, led by consultant and chief engineer Ma Kejian, has accumulated rich experiences and methods, gained widespread recognition from society, and surpassed its domestic counterparts in spatial structure study and design.

The Institute has been a pioneer domestic researcher on BIM and has gained a great number of technological achievements. It has a core competitive edge in the research and development of core technology. The Institute has won several awards in BIM technology: Best Government Project BIM Application Award of BSHK (International BIM Contest in HK), Third Prize in the Science and Technology Innovation Cup, and the Design Excellence Award in the Longtu Cup National BIM Competition. All of these have gained recognition and reputation for the Institute and have improved its competitiveness.

The Institute has long been engaged in the research and protection of the vernacular architecture and ancient dwellings of Guizhou. Under the leadership of relevant departments of Guizhou Provincial Construction Department, it has achieved tremendous results. For example, the Institute edited and published Guizhou Vernacular Architecture and participated in the compilation of Guizhou Ancient Town and Famous Villages, and Guizhou Stilt House of the Dong Ethnic Minority, Tunpu in Anshun of Guizhou. Four monographs have been well received by the construction industry at home and abroad and have, to some extent, contributed to the research and protection of the vernacular architecture and ancient dwellings of Guizhou.

For more than 30 years, the Institute, supported by Guizhou University, has unleashed the full potential and strength of its talented researchers and shouldered its responsibility to make scientific and technological innovations. As a result, and owing to its good reputation, persistent pursuit of quality, and endless research into technology, the Institute has yielded substantial achievements in many aspects. In the future, the Institute will continue to pursue the idea of environmental-friendliness, eco-science and technology, and putting people first, to make greater contributions to the construction of society under the initiative of China’s new urbanization.