Synthetic Pharmaceutical Engineering Laboratory of Guizhou Province
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The Synthetic Pharmaceutical Engineering Laboratory of Guizhou Province, established in December 2016, is a key laboratory at provincial level engaged in basic research and application development of the synthesis, isolation, and purification of high-purity drugs intermediates, total synthesis of natural products as well as the production technology of sterile drugs. The Laboratory comprises an area of 1500 square meters.

The Laboratory aims at integrating the relevant engineering technology research results in the province's pharmaceutical industry, especially in the fields of generic drugs, pharmaceutical intermediates, as well as total and semi synthetic pharmaceuticals of natural products. It promotes the industrialization and enhances the economic and social benefits of energy consumption per unit. The Laboratory has provided technical support for the development of Guizhou's overall economy with high-quality and efficiency. It has bridged the industrial conversion of theoretical research results of universities, research institutions and enterprises in the province. The Laboratory has also cultivated a group of experts to serve the economic construction of Guizhou Province.

The Laboratory is involved in the researches in pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical engineering, pharmacy, pharmacology, drug analysis, organic synthesis, separation engineering, and life sciences. It has capable experts with rich research experiences, and possesses software and hardware platforms for research on pharmaceutical industrialization. The Laboratory is the only one in Guizhou province aiming at the industrialization of pharmaceuticals.

It has built a research team with solid theoretical bases, good professional skills, a wide range of knowledge as well as a reasonable educational level. The Laboratory has 20 full-time researchers, 13 visiting and collaborative researchers, all holding master's degrees and 23 holding doctoral degrees.

The Laboratory attaches great importance to the improvement of research and development capabilities and academic standards, and accelerates the conversion of scientific research achievements. Within one year after its establishment, the Laboratory has undertaken over 10 research projects for enterprises or at national, provincial and ministerial level. It boasts the research grant of more than 5 million yuan. Its researchers have published over 40 high-quality academic papers and have applied for more than 20 patents for invention. Apart from scientific research and shouldering the responsibility of cultivating students, the Laboratory admits graduate students in the majors of pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical engineering.

The Laboratory has good cooperation and mutual trust with Nanjing Aikang Chemical Co., Ltd., Guizhou Weidun Jinglin Electronic Material Co., Ltd., and Yangpu Huigu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. It has a positive influence on the pharmaceutical chemical industry in the province. With the continuous construction, it is believed that the Laboratory will further its influence and become a demonstrative research and development as well as service platform for the industrialization of pharmaceuticals in Guizhou and its surrounding areas.