College of International Education
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College of International Education (CIE) of Guizhou University was founded in 2009 as part of the Office of International Relations. It became an independent body in 2013, exclusively engaged in international student recruitment, daily management, and provision of Chinese language and cultural teaching for foreigners. CIE consists of 4 divisions: General Office, Admission Office, Teaching & Research Section, and International Student Administrative Section. Through nearly 10 years' constructive efforts, a distinctive and well managed model for cultivating international students has been formed at CIE. The college now boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced teachers and an efficient course system. The university provides quality education and up-to-date facilities for international students. A newly built International Student Hostel was put into use in 2016. It has become a model for international student education in Guizhou Province.

GZU has been accepting international students since the late 1980s and it is the first university in Guizhou Province to get the qualification to enroll international students. The number of GZU’s short-term and long-term international students has been increasing year by year. The education programs have expanded from a single form of Chinese language training, advanced visiting student program, and various short-term language and culture programs to Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral degree programs. At present, GZU is an institution offering Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship, Guizhou Provincial Scholarship, and Guizhou University Scholarship for international students. It is also a Demonstration Base for Cultivating International students authorized by Ministry of Education and a China (Guizhou) ASEAN Student Service Center authorized by Guizhou Provincial Department of Education.

CIE, as an HSK (Chinese Language Proficiency) test center authorized by Confucius Institute Headquarters, always pays much attention to the improvement of teaching quality. Most of the international students who studied Chinese in our college have achieved excellent results in HSK tests. In other events, such as “China Bridge” and “China-ASEAN Education Week”, the international students of GZU have achieved satisfactory results.

In November 2009, GZU established Guizhou’s first Confucius Institute in Presbyterian College in the U.S. In December 2017, a new Confucius Institute with University of the Gambia in the Gambia was born. CIE actively supports the construction of the Confucius Institutes and has made contributions by dispatching teachers, assisting in teaching activities, and accepting visiting scholars and student mobility. Meanwhile, CIE attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation, and it commits to establishing long-term and close collaborative relationships with foreign institutions, international organizations, and overseas education agencies. It also continuously expands the enrollment of international students and accelerates the openness and internationalization of GZU. CIE offers joint Bachelor’s Degree Programs in “2+2 Business Chinese” with Sripatum University and “2+2 Communication Chinese” with North-Chiang Mai University in Thailand. The college also has built Chinese culture and language centers with Lao, Cambodian, Indonesian, and South Korean universities and education institutions. These two-way communications have helped establish a good international image for the university and the college, and have earned international recognition and reputation.

CIE has built good cooperative relationships with Colleges of Chinese Language and Colleges of International Education in famous universities, such as Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing Normal University, and Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, which enhances cooperation on international student exchange, Chinese language teachers’ training, and international students’ internship.

CIE has been authorized to undertake the “Overseas Chinese Teachers' Training Program in China” by Office of Chinese Language Council International (Confucius Institute Headquarters) in 2017 and 2018. This program offers Chinese traditional culture and Guizhou culture training courses under the theme of “Discovering China, Experiencing Guizhou” for Chinese language teachers from all over the world.

CIE offers structured Chinese language courses and characteristic culture courses to international students at beginner, basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. The Chinese courses designed by CIE enable the international students to pursue the many top-notch degree programs offered by the University. Besides, the college organizes regular extracurricular activities to immerse international students in Chinese culture, Guizhou ethnic cultures, and other local unique cultures year-around, including visits to economic development zones, high-tech centers, primary and secondary schools, and the tour of Learning Guizhou—tea, wine, stone, water, and ethnic culture. CIE encourages international students to take part in various cultural and sports activities, such as University Sport Festival, New Year Party, and so on. CIE also holds Chinese Traditional Festival Experience activity, International Food Carnival, International Students’ Night, etc. These colorful events encourage international students to better understand Chinese culture, to promote the friendships between international and local students, and to create an international environment on campus.

CIE is willing to embrace a bright future of international development with full enthusiasm!