Provincial Key Lab of Green Chemicals and Clean Energy Technology
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The Provincial Key Lab of Green Chemicals and Clean Energy Technology was approved by Department of Science and Technology of Guizhou in August 2013 as an affiliated institute of College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Guizhou University. It was established with the integration of New Chemical Material Institute, GUIZHOU-UKCSCST Clean Energy Center, Guizhou Key Laboratory for Efficient Utilization of Minerals and Green Chemical Technology, and the Innovation Talent Team of Guizhou Green Chemical Technology.

The research interests of the Lab cover most fields of chemical energy and new materials science: (1) technology for chemical process enhancement, and energy conservation, and emission reduction; (2) technology for industrial catalysis and clean energy utilization; (3) the refined use of the symbiotic and associated resources of phosphate rock and the synthesis of phosphorus fine chemicals; and (4) chemical crystallization and separation technology.

The Lab covers an area of 1,500 square meters, and its equipment value totals more than 20 million yuan. There is a fixed staff of 31, including 25 scientific researchers and six technicians and management personnel. Among them, 24 are professors and associate professors. There are 13 researchers who hold Ph.D. degrees, and 13 who hold master's degrees. One expert enjoys special allowances from the State Council and four are provincial experts of different titles. At present, the Lab is undertaking six national research projects, and more than 40 provincial projects, with total funding of more than 20 million yuan. Nearly 200 academic papers have been published in core journals and SCI/EI journals. The Lab has won more than 10 awards of various types, and more than 30 invention patents have been approved. Focusing on academic research, the Lab now boasts a multidisciplinary team focused on academic insight and a spirit of innovation.

Address: 3rd Floor, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, West Campus of Guizhou University,
               Huaxi District, Guiyang, Guizhou, China

Postal Code: 550025

Affiliated to: College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Guizhou University

Tel: 0851-83604936