State Key Laboratory of Public Big Data Jointly Established by the Ministry of Education and Guizhou Province
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With the great support from Guizhou Provincial Party Committee,  provincial government and Guizhou Provincial Science and Technology Department, Guizhou Provincial Public Big Data Key Laboratory has been developed rapidly and has become an important research institution for big data in Guizhou Province, which plays important role in implementing the Big Data Strategy in Guizhou Province.

The State Key Laboratory of Public Big Data Jointly Established by the Ministry of Education and Guizhou Province is based in the Guizhou Provincial Public Big Data Key Laboratory and supported by Guizhou University. At present, there are three stable research directions: multi-source data fusion and integration technology, public big data security and privacy protection, block data and regional governance. The mission of the Laboratory is centered on building of the National Big Data Comprehensive Pilot Area and catering the needs of Guizhou's big data industry development. It conducts basic research and applied basic research, aiming at the needs of “aggregation, sharing and application” of big data. Efforts are made to tackle the problem of key technologies and common technical issues in the big data industry and its applications in Guizhou Province.

Yang Yixian, a Yangtze River Scholar and winner of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, is employed as the laboratory director. The Laboratory has also gathered talents from relevant programs disciplines of the school and even the province.

Currently, it offers four doctoral programs in software engineering, electronic science and technology, mechanical engineering, and mathematics; several first-level disciplines master’s programs in Computer Science and Technology, Management Science and Engineering, Applied Statistics, Computer Network and Information Security, Control Science and Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering; and provincial-level key disciplines in Computer Science and Technology, Electronic Science and Technology, and Machinery Engineering and Mathematics. In addition, eight public big data research teams on integration, analysis, security, and application of big data have been established.

The Laboratory has 76 full-time researchers, 32 part-time personnel, including 16 doctoral supervisors, 58 senior research staff. Among them, 40 researchers hold doctoral degree, two hold the title of Cheung Kong Scholar and The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, two are Thousand People Plan experts, two are outstanding talents in the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, five experts receive special government allowances, eight are provincial experts in Guizhou Province, three are innovative talents (one hundred people level) in Guizhou Province. The Laboratory has more than 200 master’s candidates and doctoral candidates.

The Laboratory hosts more than 70 state-level projects funded by National Major Support Plans, National Major Fund Program and National Natural Science Foundation, and more than 40 provincial-level projects such as Major Support Plan of Guizhou Province, key fund projects, list project of technology in big data field, and provincial natural science fund. The total research funds exceeded one hundred million yuan.

The Laboratory has developed important applications in intelligent traffic big data and its applications, wisdom courts, and government governance. It has published more than 400 academic papers, obtained nearly 40 invention patents, and received three science and technology awards at provincial and ministerial level. In addition, the Laboratory participated in formulating eight technical standards for the big data related industry.  The Laboratory aims to further exert its influence on Guizhou's big data and strive to conduct research with local characteristics.