Institute of ASEAN Research
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After taking the opportunity of organizing several sessions of the “China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week”, Guizhou University established the ASEAN Research Center by integrating related disciplines and research forces in the university in 2009. In 2012, the center was formally approved by the Ministry of Education as a base for International and Regional Studies, making it the first research unit under the Ministry of Education for humanities and social sciences research in Guizhou Province. In August 2013, the Institute of ASEAN Research was founded based on the ASEAN Research Center and is responsible for the work of “Cultivating Base for International and Regional Studies”.

The Institute is guided by the principle of “giving priority to Guizhou, facing Southeast Asia, and serving the country’s diplomatic strategy” and actively undertakes major tasks such as scientific research, talent cultivation, and social services. It focuses on the research of education, culture, and agricultural economy in ASEAN countries, as well as international politics.

After years of development, the Institute has a high-level interdisciplinary research team with an appropriate average age, academic structure, and professional title structure. Currently, there are nearly 20 professional and part-time researchers in the Institute, with an average age of 37.2. Fifteen are associate professors holding doctoral degrees and all are excellent in academic studies in different disciplines of Guizhou University.

In recent years, the Institute has hosted six National Natural Science Fund Projects and National Social Science Fund Projects. It has also presided over more than 10 ministry-level projects, including projects supported by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Commerce, and more than 20 department-level projects of Guizhou province. It has over 20 monographs (or translations) published by national publishing houses, such as the Social Press, in scientific publications, and in overseas publishing Houses; more than 100 papers published in SCI, SSCI, and CSSCI journals; and more than 50 research reports submitted to relative official departments for consultation. It is also responsible for drafting important documents like 'The Medium and Long-term Development Plan for the China-ASEAN Education Exchange Week”.

The Institute focuses on scientific research, program design, and serving 'China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week'. By giving priority to cross-national study and regional cooperation study, the Institute will further expand its research horizon and carry out academic exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad so as to create its distinctive features. Moreover, the Institute is committed to building itself into a research think-tank with influence in Southeast Asia and a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary innovation research platform emphasizing scientific research and talent cultivation, as well as combining comprehensive research and specific research.

Prof. Cui Haiyang

Prof. Cui Haiyang, male, born in 1972, is a doctor, professor and doctoral tutor. He is currently the Executive Deputy Dean of the ASEAN Research Institute of Guizhou University, which is the “International and Regional Studies Base” of the Ministry of Education. Prof. Cui is one of the first experts honored as a “Qianling Scholar” of Guizhou Province and he is also a Visiting Scholar of “Light of the West”, which is approved by the Central Organization Department of the CPC. He is the leading academician of philosophy and social sciences in Guizhou and the Deputy Director of the Steering Committee of Education for Guizhou Tourism Management. In recent years, Prof. Cui has presided over a subproject of the National Social Science Major Bidding Project, a National Natural Science Foundation Project, a National Social Science Fund Project, six ministry-level projects, and more than 20 provincial level projects. He has published 10 books and more than 60 academic papers in SCI, SSCI, and CSSCI, as well as in Chinese Core Journals of Peking University. As the cover author, Prof. Cui hosts the “Tea in China” column in the Journal of Guangxi University for Nationalities. He was responsible for the writing of the 'China-ASEAN Education Exchange Week Development Plan.' He has written speeches for national leaders during their visits to Indonesia and submitted over 10 articles to the ministries and commissions of China. Prof. Cui was awarded the title of “Advanced Individual of the Republic of China Democratic League for Social Security and Public Opinion Information Work” by the Democratic League Central Committee and the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee of the Democratic League in 2017. He has published more than 10 articles in “Guizhou Daily” and hosted four sessions of the China-ASEAN Tea Culture Forum.

Long Yi

Long Yi, male, Yi nationality, member of the Communist Party of China, was born in October 1974 in Panzhou City of Guizhou Province. With a PhD in political science, and as an associate professor and master tutor, he now serves as vice president of the Institute of ASEAN Research in Guizhou University. His research interests include comparative politics and politics in Southeast Asia. He studied in Peking University and was awarded Bachelor of Legal Studies in 1997, Master of Law in 2004, and Doctor of Legal Studies in 2009. He has published dozens of academic papers and has received the National Social Science Fund of China for several research topics.